classic horror films

Halloween is approaching, October 31, a suitable day to review the darkest movies. Here we share a list with the 10 best horror films in history, according to the IMDb portal.

classic horror films

They scare us, they give us goosebumps, sometimes they are violent or they make us unable to sleep at night. The horror genre is one that retains a large number of followers and, Halloween, is an ideal night to remember them.

Why is It’s so scary? Here the explanation

The IMDb portal (Internet Movie Database) is a site known to film fans, who can give a rating of 1 to 10 to movies, with 10 being a perfect score.

According to its genre, IMbB automatically classifies the films based on the rating granted by the users. This is how this list is drawn up that will surely cause a division of opinions but that contains films which due to their history, production or performances have become references of the cinema, particularly of terror.

Do you agree? Have you seen them all? If not, it’s a good time to catch up and enjoy the horror.

10 – Dawn of the Dead (1978) / Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Dawn of the Dead, born from the creativity and direction of George A. Romero, was one of the first signs of horror at the hands of the zombies. His success was such that listing the large number of movies and series dedicated to the undead would take us all day. But if there is one that is a reference, it is Dawn of the Dead. Fun fact: it ties in the same position with Shaun of the Dead, the humorous version of Edgar Wright, and that also left good feelings.

9 – Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

An unexpected baby, a suspicious neighborhood and a series of events that worry a couple. What happened to Rosemary? Directed by Roman Polanski, the film is one of those that remains within the classic repertoire of horror. And, without a doubt, it left a series of traces that characterize the genre.

8 – The Exorcist (1973)

Little more can be said about The Exorcist . The film directed by William Friedkin was a sensation in the cinemas in the year of its premiere and caused terror, fear and left historical scenes of the hand of a girl possessed. There were several remakes, imitations and now, even series, but the original is second to none. See it and do the test.

7 – Les diaboliques (1955)

From France comes a classic film that is wrapped in the mystique of hell, murders and conspiracies. Two women decide to ally themselves to end an evil man, but in doing so, a series of mysterious events begin to affect them. What will happen to these two women? A classic.

6 – The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

And if you talk about classics, how about a silent movie, in black and white and with limited special effects. A 76-minute German film that tells the evil actions of Dr. Caligari, a hypnotist willing to use a sleepwalker to commit a series of crimes. A story that, for its time, caused several scares.

5 – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

Why do children scare us so much? An old Hollywood recipe for his horror movies. And it is right there, in Hollywood, where this horror story is born that unfolds in a mansion and a series of situations to have a bad time. Or, if one is the spectator.

4 – The Thing (1982)

John Carpenter is one of the most recognized directors within the genre. Partly it’s Halloween, and its peculiar protagonist. The other is the mystery, the doubts and the suspense that surrounds a group of explorers in Antarctica, and the encounter with a strange being, the thing, that puts them in danger.

3 – The Shining (1980)

And if we go to famous directors and historical films, there’s The Shining, which marked Jack Nicholson with an outstanding performance but also two girls in a hallway and a scene to never forget. Inspired by Stephen King’s book, The Shining is one of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpieces, and a good horror film test.

2 – Psycho (1960)

If someone can be attributed the creation of the symbols and gestures of horror, it is Alfred Hitchcock, a film revolutionary. And from Psycho the scene in the shower comes off, with a woman bathing and a man with a knife, while a sharp violin sounds, to be, at first memory, the scene icon of horror. An advance, Hitchcock.

1 – Alien (1979)

Yes, for IMDb users, Alien is the movie with the best rating within the classic horror category. Perhaps the recent movies of the franchise is not liked by everyone, but it is undeniable that the first Alien, with Sigourney Weaver, raised a new perspective of horror, from space, with distant but possible beings, horrifying, and the terror of not being able to escape from a ship. A classic horror film of the time.

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